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Our Policies

At The Creative's Haven, transparency and clarity are paramount in all our dealings. Explore our detailed policies that govern our interactions with valued clients, covering sales, cancellations, project commitments, and communication channels. Designed to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience, Please read each policy below:


Communication Channels

At The Creative's Haven, we prioritize clear and secure communication to safeguard both our brand and our clients' brands. To maintain transparency and efficiency, all communication between The Creative's Haven and our clients is conducted via email at

Discovery Calls

For discovery calls aimed at understanding your needs and vision, we utilize Zoom, recorded for the protection of both parties' brands.

Client Portal

Clients (With Packages) have the option to use their designated client portal for email correspondence, ensuring a secure and organized communication channel. We strive to respond to inquiries within 24-72 business hours. During peak periods, there might be delays in responses.

Working Hours

Please note, inquiries received between Fridays and Sundays will be addressed during our working hours, which are Monday to Thursday, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Project Updates

To stay updated on your project's progress and any updates, access your Client Portal. All project-related information and updates are communicated through the email provided at the start of the project. We make every effort to keep you informed about the status of your ongoing project.

Project Abandonment

In the event of no communication for 30 consecutive days, the client's project will be considered abandoned, leading to forfeiture without a refund. Should you wish to reactivate an abandoned project after this period, a restart fee of $100 will apply.

Customer Support

We value open communication and aim to provide a seamless experience. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out through the specified channels. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Project Commitment

The Creative's Haven commits to crafting project materials (referred to as the 'Work') upon the client's request, adhering to pre-agreed fees and delivering the Work within the established deadline. This commitment is contingent upon the client furnishing the designer with all necessary information, items, images, and materials within the specified timeframe.

Authorship and Originality

As the creator, The Creative's Haven retains sole authorship of the Work, ensuring its originality and unique creative expression.

Anti-Plagiarism Policy

We strictly adhere to an anti-plagiarism policy and do not replicate or duplicate designs. Our ethos revolves around creating authentic and bespoke solutions tailored specifically to each client's needs and vision.

REturn & Refund


At The Creative's Haven, all sales are final. We do not provide refunds for any services rendered. Once a payment has been made, it is considered non-refundable as the sale is final.

and Alteration

If circumstances necessitate the cancellation of a service already paid for but not yet rendered, we understand. In such cases, we might consider alternative arrangements or offer a partial credit, subject to our discretion and the nature of the service.

Specific Circumstances for Cancellation

  1. Service Cancellation:

    • Should you choose to cancel a service that has not yet been initiated, you may request a cancellation. Depending on the nature of the service and its stage in production, we may consider a partial credit or alternative arrangement.

  2. Exceptions:

    • Errors on Our Part: If an error occurs due to our oversight or failure to deliver a service as agreed upon, we will rectify the situation and may consider adjustments or compensation.

    • Inability to Provide Agreed Service: If, for any unforeseen reason, we are unable to provide a service as agreed upon, we will work with you to find a suitable solution, which may include a refund or alternative arrangement.

Customer Support

We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our services. For any concerns or inquiries regarding cancellations, refunds, or alterations to services, please contact us directly. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

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